Taste home recipes- Italian breakfast


Taste home recipes- Italian breakfast.


Greetings to all. Today I had to continue with breakfast, but one comment asked me to use almond flour. Yes, since the recipe required other types of flour, I decided to include other products in the middle of the breakfast. Which are also more than useful for breakfast. Today I am happy to write how to do both Caprese. Classic and lemon.


Caprese is a typical dessert from Capri Island. It was created by sheer coincidence, a great pastry chef since the early 1900s, forgets to put in flour. And so Caprese is born, which must be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.


  1. Almond flour – 250g
  2. Sugar – 160gr
  3. Oil – 170gr
  4. Fondant chocolate – 180g
  5. Eggs – 4pcs (200g)
  6. Orange flavor – grate orange peel.
  7. Vanilla scentThe recipe calls for some rum. If you have – 5ml (one cap)
  8. Backpack tank – 1 sachet (5g)


1 Now let us put the sea-bath, the dark covering. When done, add the butter and wait for it to melt. And set aside.

2 mix the almond flour, flavors, baking powder and half the sugar into a large bowl, into which we then need to insert all the ingredients.

3 start beating eggs. When it starts to foam, add the remaining sugar. When ready, they must have increased two to three times their volume. You can now mix chocolate with butter and almond flour. And if you have rum, add it now. We turn on the oven at 180 °. We oil one baking pan F – 24cm, height 4cm. Mix two-thirds of the beaten egg with the other products we have mixed before. Stir well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. And now the rest of the broken eggs without stirring much. From the bottom up, just as long as it takes to stir a little. And pour in the pre-oiled pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30/35 minutes. When done, let cool. Once it has cooled down, heat the pan a little outside and place the tray on top. Now turn both of them down so that the whisk remains on the tray. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Enjoy your meal.


This is the original Caprese Lemon recipe signed by Salvatore De Riso. The chief pastry chef from Amalfi, who gave birth to this delicious version in 2007, with lemon on the shore and white chocolate. The recipe is taken from the text “I Dolci Del Sole”. This is one of many books he has written, Salvatore De Riso.


  1. almond flour – 200gr
  2. powdered sugar – 120 gr
  3. Olive oil extra virgin – 100g
  4. Finely chopped chocolate – 180 g
  5. eggs – 5
  6. Potato starch – 50g
  7. sugar- 60gr
  8. grated peel of 2 fresh lemons
  9. Vanilla – 1 gr
  10. Pastry yeast – 5g
  11. Candied lemon peel – 30 g
  12. Powdered sugar for garnish.

Method :

We turn on the oven to heat 200 degrees. And we start by mixing all the dry ingredients, except for the 60g sugar we will use with the eggs. As with the previous recipe, eggs beat up to three times the volume. Pour two-thirds of the eggs and mix the well-prepared mixture. And then add the rest and stir the mixture (from bottom to top) for a few seconds. And pour into a pre-oiled pan ф-24 tray. Put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees and reduce the temperature to 160. Bake for 50/60 minutes.

  • This is the original recipe, to my taste I change the extra virgin oil with butter and melt them with chocolate. And I replace the potato starch with rice. You can try both. Sprinkle the oiled starch pan so that it is easier to cool off when cooled. If not, reheat the tray and try again. This is how the fats are melted to facilitate separation.

To know more

These were two desserts for breakfast. To divide into two, it must be completely cooled and best kept in a refrigerator so it is compact. Just taken out of the oven will be very difficult to break in two without breaking. You can divide them into two and put in liquid chocolate and cream. You can even try some marmalade. For example, the first “Caprese” with apricot marmalade and covered with fondant chocolate would be like a “Garash” cake. It makes a difference because “Garash” is made with almonds not.

Everyone can consume them according to their tastes. You can change both recipes to buy almond flour with almond flour made by you. For example, put almonds with some powdered sugar in a mixer and grind them to the desired size. Don’t leave them in very large pieces so you don’t change the recipe much. For pieces of 1/2 mm, put 50 grams of almonds more.

Bye for now. Enjoy your meal.


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