Taste Home Recipe Finder – Italian Breakfast II

Making brioche as an Italian pastry chef

Delicious homemade recipes are looking for the most consumed product. After the first product I introduced to you to begin this long journey of Italian breakfast. For those who were found by chance in this article. You can visit the previous one, which was an Italian croissant. Today is the second product I want to present and the brioche dough.

Brioche dough is a product that needs to work well and triple its volume before the second treatment begins. It mixes slowly if made with a machine, and for a long time if made by hand. This is a medium soft dough. Do not worry if you knead and it is very sticky. And roll up our sleeves and get started.


  • Flour type ‘0’ – 1000g
  • Sugar – 200gr
  • Oil – 250gr
  • Salt – 30gr
  • Brewer’s yeast – 20gr
  • Vanilla flavor – 1 g
  • Orange flavor – grate orange peel
  • Eggs – 150g (3 medium sized eggs)
  • Milk – 350gr

Do not use refrigerated milk because if you knead by hand, we have to work it longer to get to the desired dough. Milk always at room temperature is the same for eggs.


Let’s start with flour, sugar, vanilla, orange and yeast. Mix everything well and add the butter a little.

Always knead until it has absorbed everything. There should be no oil left over, because once the liquids are put in, it will be difficult to melt it. When we are ready to absorb the last piece of butter, we add eggs and milk. Now also add the salt that we haven’t put in yet.

Now we have to work the dough until it is smooth and does not begin to separate from the bottom of the worktop. Do not add flour to make it earlier because you are changing the dough. Work until smooth. Even if it continues to adhere to the surface, but when lifted it is separated without leaving any residue. It’s ready. You have succeeded.

Now spread a larger bowl or pan with oil. And take the dough and put it inside. Remember that it should double in volume if it triples even better. Once it reaches the correct point, it will be 4/5 hours. Take the item you used for the dough. Once it falls on the work surface, fold it in half. And we begin to separate it

We take the dough and give it a square shape. We divide it into three equal pieces and take two of them. Each now we split it in half until we get to 8 small pieces into a big piece. Or 16 in total. And now let’s take the third piece, which remains and split the pieces in half again until we get to 16 pieces. We make balls out of these pieces and put a small one on each big one. Expand the large ball with two fingers (index finger and thumb) and place the small ball in the middle. We continue wildly not finishing all of them. So we made 16 brioches. Now they have to increase their size three times since the original measure. Put them in a place with no drafts or temperature changes. You can also put the brioche to grow in the oven. Once done, you take them out and smear them with a broken egg. They are then placed in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for 15 minutes.

After a while, we check the baking. If everything is golden on all sides, subtract and wait for 10/15 to cool slightly.

Enjoy your meal.

Please note:

The dough is as detailed as possible. To be made even by people with less experience and without sophisticated equipment. The division is manual. If you use scales, weigh 90gr large ball and 40gr milk ball. As you noticed 1 kg of flour = 16 brioche. If you happen to need less, you can freeze them as soon as they are made. And every night pull the desired amount, bake them in the morning. This dough also makes shallow, bundy, croissant can also be made. Whatever you do, if you go out of your ideal weight (130g), you will also need to increase your baking. And if you want to fill with salami, don’t put orange.

Today we finished the second product of the Italian breakfast at the bar.

I hope you enjoyed it. Anyone who wants it can leave a comment. Or if by any chance the re is a problem, always available to solve it.

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4 Replies to “Taste Home Recipe Finder – Italian Breakfast II”

  1. OMG that looks fabulous… it’s outside of my low carb lifestyle, but with my wife being Italian I wanted to give this a quick read. Oh how I miss bread! I can substitute almond flour and Stevia for the sugar….what is Beer May?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. beer may (brewer’s yeast) – Writing mistake. Also correct on the post.Better not to change. If you want to use almond flour and sweetener. Next post I write two doses of almond flour. And sugar can change it using sweetener. Although sometimes sweetener they do more harm than good.

  2. This sounds like a really nice breakfast idea. As I am trying to get more into baking I will surely try this recipe out. It also sounds like a good activity for the kids to get into while being off school. Hopefully will come out nice first time! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. Thanks for comment, if and a school for sure will have a kneading machine. If you use kneader careful not to heat too much dough. Touch your ear down (so soft it must be dough) Everything will be fine. Let me know.

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