Shortcrust Pastry& Shortcrust Pastry Recipes

Shortcrust Pastry And Shortcrust Pastry Recipes For UK


Today, before the Easter holidays, I want to talk about one of the main products used in pastry,
The pastry that is the basis of some desserts, already used in the 17th century for savory preparations.

In modern confectionery production it is used to make biscuits and cakes, but also for some traditional products such as the “Neapolitan pastiera”. A traditional dessert that we will prepare at home

For Easter. Before writing the recipe Let’s start to see what the different types of shortcrust pastry are, their use and what ingredients we can replace or insert for a balanced recipe.

Main ingredients of the shortcrust pastry

The main ingredients of this dough are flour, fat, sugar and eggs. Shortcrust pastry should be made quickly. until the liquids are completely absorbed. In this dough we have to use a light flour (type 0 or 00) because we need a crumbly dough. If we use heavy flour or work it more, we risk having a dough that is not very elastic and not very friable. We can use any type of sugar.

As a fatty substance, we can use different types of butter, oil or lard. And last but not least, the eggs that we can put whole or use only the yolks. Using whole eggs, we produce a more elastic and more resistant dough. Using only the yolk, the pasta will be finer and more friable.

About ingredients that we can add or replace.

We must take some precautions to avoid changing the consistency of the dough. If we use starch, we should not exceed 25% of the weight of the flour and we must remove 30% of the flour because the starch absorbs more water. We can also use dried fruit if it is powdered. On the other hand, if it is granulated, it is not necessary to remove the quantities of flour. If cocoa is used, we cannot exceed 15% by weight of flour and we must extract 20% when we weigh it. Cocoa absorbs more water. And with the latter we are done with the ingredients.

Here too I want to give some advice to those who want to prepare gluten-free shortcrust pastry. We can replace wheat flour with corn or rice flour. If you prefer a sugar-free dough, we can increase liquids by 50%. adding a pinch of salt. If you prefer not to put eggs, you can use milk, water or 50/50, as you prefer. You can also use whole wheat flour.

Types of shortcrust pastry

There are three main types of shortcrust pastry: classic type, whipped type and sandblasted type.

  • classic type: the classic type should be done as quickly as possible. First, the butter is treated with sugar without whipping. Then the liquids are added gradually until completely absorbed. Finally, add the flour by mixing well. Before use, this type of pastry must rest for 12 hours in the refrigerator, even better if done the previous day.
  • The whipped type: start whipping the eggs with the sugar in the food processor until it becomes soft. Eggs are added gradually, until they are completely absorbed. At the end we add the flour which must be mixed with the mixer leaf or manually. This type of dough should be used immediately.
  • Sandblasted: here we start by adding butter to the flour, which forms a sandy consistency and then sugar is added to the eggs. It should be mixed until complete absorption of the egg, covered with a transparent sheet and left to rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours before use.
    We have almost reached the end here I also leave you a recipe for each type of shortcrust pastry that you can try to modify with the limits that I mentioned before.

Classic shortcrust pastry:

  • butter- 250gr
  • sugar – 250gr
  • liquids (water, milk, eggs) – 100ml
  • type flour (0) – 500 gr

sandblasted shortcrust pastry:

  • butter – 300gr
  • sugar – 150gr
  • flour – 500 gr
  • eggs – 50 gr (one egg)


shortcrust pastry mounted:

  • butter – 400 gr
  • sugar – 150 gr
  • eggs – 100gr (due eggs)
  • flour – 500gr

Today I was talking about shortcrust pastry, I hope you liked the topic. Who tried to make any of the three recipes or any improvisations. If you get a crunchy product, and for those who have any ideas or disagree with me. You can leave a comment. And I thank each of you who came to read here, and in the next few days I will publish the recipe of the “Neapolitan pastier”.


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  1. This definitely has me craving some shortcrust pastry now LOL. My mother-in-law makes a wicked one that disappears fast when it’s around me. I know very little about them or any pastry in general, but this was a cool read. Not confident I can do it myself as my baking skills are poor but maybe in the future! Thank you for the cool read.

    1. I’m glad, that topic was helpful. And that you liked the post. Then I am sure that it seems more difficult to describe it than to do it. If by chance you try, always make the classic one that is easier. Just follow the procedure.

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