Kneading or planetary mixer – Kitchenaid Review

Kneading or planetary mixer. What is it? How to use?

Let’s give some information what and what it is used for, these two names are most likely to be used for large machines used in the food industry. Which with the passing of the years are manufactured in measured sizes, as for uses as by small producers, as well as for domestic use. Replacing the old blenders with new, more sophisticated and multi functional ones, or still called kitchen robots.

Let’s see what the planetary mixer is for.

It is used to whisk, whip and prepare dough, depending on the processing to be performed, a hook for heavy dough is applied, a leaf for dough with high fat content such as biscuit dough and the whisk for whipped masses that must incorporate air.

Speaking of cooking, I take the time to give you some tips on tools professional and amateur cooks with good quality. Today as the first tool that would be good to have at home, professional or amateur mixer, good quality and price. Now let’s compare the Kitchenaid HEAVYDUTY 5KSM7591X, KENWOOD KHH300WH MULTI ONE and BOSCH MUM52120.


The HEAVYDUTY 5KSM7591X is a high-end mixer used by cooks and pastry shops for small amounts of dough. It enters the kitchen robot class with a capacity of 6.9 Lt, which is more than good even in the extended family homes. With greater rigidity of the structure entirely made of metal without losing its elegant design. It has a high efficiency 1.3cv engine, quiet and powerful with direct transmission. Safe and stable structure and lifting device for the bowl. As we said before, there is a 6.9 liter bowl, very sturdy with sturdy accessories, durable and dishwasher safe.

 Let’s see what the package contains.

  1. 6.9 liter stainless steel container
  2. removable spray cap
  3. 11-wire ellipse whip
  4. spiral kneading hook
  5. flat whip (leaf)


Now let’s see technical specifications :

  • Ten speeds with electronic control
  • Power – 500w                                               
  • Voltage (V) – 220-240    
  • Frequency (Hz) – 50/60 
  • Engine power (hp) – 1.3                                               
  • Net / gross weight: 13.5kg / 14.66kg
  • Minimum rotation speed – 40 rpm 
  • Maximum rotation speed – 200 rpm                          
  • Bowl – stainless steel
  • Die-cast metal body
  • Packaging dimensions: h-495mm; l-330mm; p-430mm
  • Product measures:h-419mm;l-287mm;p-371
  •  Maximum flour capacity – 2.2kg
  • Cream capacity- 1,9Lt
  • Bread (levitated dough = hydrated to 55%) – 3.8kg

Four colors available: 

  1. Black onyx
  2. Imperial red
  3. White
  4. Metal


Now let’s see the second mixer. Here however we are on a good company “BOSH MUM52120“. Let’s open up on this product we can put it in a middle class, a nice aesthetic design. Soft curves in white, anthracite, solid plastic structure. Wide range of optional accessories such as: the coffee grinder; multi-mixer; the biscuit accessory; the meat grinder; the grater and more.

It is an easy-to-clean product, thanks to the dishwasher-safe accessories. This kitchen machine is equipped with a compartment for storing cable after use and an automatic parking system. By automatically moving the kneading tools in a backward position with respect to the bowl.

This kitchen robot an EU plug and for use in GB it takes a transformer that should come out of the pack. Bosh MUM52120 is a powerful kneader, with a 700w motor, it has 4 speed and standby settings. For perfectly mixed ingredients and equipped with multi-movement, and has a multi function arm with 3 driving positions. The 3.9l stainless steel bowl is suitable for small quantities of ingredients and for easy processing. Up to 2kg of cake dough and up to 1.5kg of leavened dough. Easy to clean thanks to its smooth surfaces, it has a locking system for the SafetyLock bowl and an anti-overheating safety system.



Let’s see what the package contains.

Integrated accessories                                            

  • 1 lid                                                                  
  • 1 cuttger                                                         
  • 1 mixing bowl in stainless steel                    
  • 1 steel kneading hook                                   
  • 1 plastic blender cup                                    
  • 1 disk: grater / slice; coarse / fine                 
  • 1 grating disc of medium                               
  • 1 flat whip                                                        
  • 1 whisk for whipping   
  • 1 disk for thick / fine slicing                         

          optional accessories     


  • MUZ45AG1-disco Asian vegetables      
  • MUZ5MX1-blender adapter
  • MUZ5NV1-Lasagna drawing kitchen accessory
  • MUZ45FV1-fruit juicer adapter
  •  MUZ5MM1-multi-mixer                                   
  •  MUZ5NV2-Kitchen accessory for drawing noodles
  • MUZ45KP1-potato disc
  • MUZ45RV1-grater adapter                                 
  • MUZ5NV3-Kitchen accessory die for lasagna
  • MUZ45SV1-adapter for injected pastries
  • MUZ45RS1-  friction disc                                
  •  MUZ5PP1-Kitchen accessory kit passion pasta
  • MUZ5ER2-kneading bowl
  • MUZ45PS1-diskco for french fries
  • MUZ5ZP1-juicer
  •  MUZ5FW1-  grinder         

Now let’s see technical specifications:

power (W) – 700
Voltage (V) – 220-240
frequency (Hz) – 50/60
power cable length (cm) – 110
plug type – Gaudy with 2 poles
net weight (kg) – 6.485
gross weight (kg) – 7.8
product dimensions (mm) – h-282; l-280; p-271
packed product dimensions (mm) – h-350; l-390; p-595


Kenwood MultiOne KHH300WH

And now we can also insert the latest food processor to see what product Kenwood would offer us. In this review we will talk about the Kenwood MultiOne KHH300WH, a practical food processor with an advantageous price that represents the ideal solution for those who are undecided between buying a mixer and a Food Processor.

This food processor also offers three mixes and mixing hooks in metal: the Whisk K, the wire whisk and the kneading hook. In addition, this food processor can be enriched with other additional equipment, including a blender, a centrifuge and a juicer. The Kenwood MultiOne KHH300WH is in fact equipped with an electronic speed sensor that maintains the selected speed regardless of the type of dough.

This food processor also has a single motor socket for the Food processor and the Blender, with Dual Drive Technology to work both accessories on a single motor socket. Kenwood MultiOne KHH300WH is a very good product, which has an excellent middle ground between a mixer and a food processor.


Let’s see what the package contains.

Integrated accessories             optional accessories

1 Dough hook                                    Juicer
1 Whisk K                                           Mixer
1 Whisk                                               Centrifuge
1 Splash guard
1 stainless steel bowl -4.3lt

Now let’s see technical specifications:


  • power (W) – 1000                                                         Cake: 1.6 kg
  • Voltage (V) – 220-240                                                   dough / bread: 500 g (flour) 800 g (total)
  • frequency (Hz) – 50/60                                                 Max. Flour: 450 g (flour)
  • weight (kg) – 5.3                                                           egg whites max. 8
  • product dimensions (mm) : h-290; l-247; p-400


Certainly the Kenwood KHH300WH is not as expensive as a KitchenAid brand food processor, but it competes very well with brands such as Bosch. Combining practicality with beauty also considering its beautiful design and its beautiful white and silver finishes. However, all three products are of the first quality and a professional product and all of stainless steel. According to as we have seen, it has a wide range of accessories as primary as well as secondary ones that can be purchased from part. And the third brings basic accessories and gives you the opportunity to buy a few more pieces.


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  1. Thank for comparison of the products. These days people tend to beleive that the most expensive is the best product but sometimes you can find a sweet spot between price and quality.


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