Italian Breakfast

Italy, the people who choose their food carefully and what they eat. To maintain a healthy lifestyle. I wish you a pleasant reading.

Italian breakfast at home

This is not a law, but for the most part. The breakfast at home is prepared with a nice glass of hot milk and crackers. Who’s spread with sweet, tall with chocolate. Finally, a cup of coffee or fresh fruit juice. To start this busy day. 

Italian breakfast at the bar

The bar is very varied. Freshly baked products of various types are mostly sweet dough, but there is also a wide selection of salty ones. As a sweet item, there is a wide variety of this dough. Type: Croissants, puff pastry, rolls, brioche, earl and pizza for most salty products. There are others, mostly those that we mentioned earlier. Most of them are consumed with something to drink, such as cappuccino, coffee or fresh fruit juice. 

A sweet breakfast product

Croissant dough

a type of puff pastry that, according to the desired degree of crocanthus, produces a stiffer dough or a softer dough. Most of the cases are eaten filled with pastry cream or pastry cream and cherry. But they can also be filled with many types of chocolate or jam. And it can also be consumed with empty powdered sugar. This type of dough, on behalf of it is understood that in most cases it is used for the production of croissants. 


a kind of soft dough. Also, used for a wide range of sweet products. But also for some salty or sweet-salty products. The sweets are Braid, Buondi, Brioche, Girele. Panettone and Easter Colomba(typical Christmas and Easter cakes) are also part of this group. The most famous salty ones are Danubio, which can be cooked with more or less sweet dough to make it salty or sweet salty. Another used pan is Canasta, just like Danubio can be made salty and sweet salty. The difference? The first is filled before it is baked and the second after it is completely expired. 

Butter doug

A type of pastry to create sweet and savory temptations. Each of us has certainly eaten many products of this dough without even knowing it. Some of them are “Polmeras”, “Fagottino”, “Millefoglie”, “Zuppetta”. This is how we get to the saltines and their great variety called “Rustic”. They can be filled with whatever comes to mind. And last, we can include “Parisians,” who are in every respect a type of covered pizza. 

Rolled doug

A type of dough mainly used for making cookies and biscuit cakes. There are many options as long as you think about how many types of cookies exist. And so we understand that there will be a universal dose. But we can easily customize it to your liking. In Italy, ‘Sfogliatella Frolla’ is a special product of this type of dough. Biscuits filled with semolina and fresh ricotta, which is often eaten at breakfast. This is a dessert that can be eaten at any time of the day. For those with digestive problems, it is best not to consume after late afternoon. To avoid digestive problems caused by the dairy product. In conclusion, with this dough. It is also possible to make different cakes that are used for most fresh fruits. Excellent in summer heat, but also in winter. Most importantly, always use fresh seasonal fruits. 


Medium soft dough. It must be worked slowly and allowed to boil at a constant temperature. No air currents that prevent the dough from developing well. It must increase three times the initial condition of the original product before it is fried in preheated oil. This is a dough that contains the same amount of flour and potatoes and then the butter, eggs and water are added. Most of the products are fried and, after drying the excess oil, they are fried in sugar and they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. In the last years of this dough, croissants in oil are made, as are the other products in this group. And to close this paragraph, giving an opinion. This will certainly be the least healthy group and also the least consumed. 

Salty Breakfast Product



A mixture of several ingredients and widely consumed. Once done, it has to be left to simmer a little and then it can be used in any way to create our pizzas with thousands of options. And since I’m talking about breakfast. Focaccia and Montanara are those two items that are also mostly consumed at breakfast. Now, before I finish, I add that we can also make fried pizzas like “Calzone” here. It is very important to spread the thin dough before it closes and to let it sit well. Thus, there is less risk of frying or being raw inside or too dark outside if left longer in the oil. 

The previous paragraph also includes all other savory products used for breakfast. For all who come to the end and open their stomach, wherever they are, they can always go and try one of these products in an Italian bar. And for the patient, I will try to describe in detail every single product in the next post. 

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