Italian Croissant – With Italian Breakfast

Italian Croissant – Lesson One With Italian Breakfast


Hello everyone, last time we talked about Italian breakfast. Today we are going to deepen the subject. With the first product I selected. Slowly until we reach the last one. I hope you enjoyed the previous post. For those who want to try the recipe at home and have some problems with the dough or something. Feel free to leave a comment to resolve the issue.

As I said before, there are many products at the Italian breakfast bar. Today I will describe as best I can how croissants are made. Making a croissant at home, like a real Italian pastry chef.

There are four steps: kneading the dough with a croissant, transforming the croissant dough into a puff pastry, pressing and baking.

And now we can start.


  1. Flour ‘0’ – 1000 grams
  2. Crystal sugar – 200 grams
  3. Butter 1 – 150 grams
  4. Butter 2 – 400 grams for the preparation of puff pastry
  5. Salt – 20 grams
  6. Brewer’s yeast 20 grams (if using 7gr powder)
  7. Eggs – 100 grams
  8. Water – 370 grams


We mix all the ingredients, leaving only those 400g butter that we will need later to make the dough. Dough is processed until smooth and soft. We can test if it is well-mixed by tearing it apart and expanding it to expand to transparency. If it does not break, you need to work a little more. Once well kneaded, let rest for half an hour in the refrigerator and cover or coat with a little oil to keep it from drying out.

Preparation of puff pastry.

Now let’s expand this piece a little, butter. After half an hour, remove the dough from the refrigerator, spread with a rolling pin, being careful to close the butter on all four sides.

Now we have to close it to three. Always try to keep the width 15 / 20cm

Stage one

At this point, we pick up a rolling pin and start stretching and closing the dough in three. (close one side to two-thirds of the dough and then turn that other side up). We let the dough rest for ten minutes and it works for me one more time.

Second stage

Remember to always keep a width of 15/20 cm. Take the dough again facing you with the closures and stretch again. This time we have to close at four. (We take the left side and place it half the dough, then we take the right side and put it halfway to the other. Finally, fold it in half again). Now let it rest for half an hour in the refrigerator.

Stage three is like the first.

Always observe the width.

We take the dough, fold one side to two-thirds and then cover with the other. We let it rest for a while and then we take it out and stretch it. A piece 90/100 cm long, 15/20 cm wide and 0.4 cm thick should come out above. Now we have to cut 22/23 isosceles triangles.

Now we have to close the croissants. The easiest way is to place the palm of your hand in the middle of the triangle and with gentle pressure make the dough to rotate around. And so all the croissants. We finish closing all of them we stack them together. We need to keep a little more distance from each other so that it can sit well. And remember that you have to put them in a place where there is no wind. And at a constant temperature, the ideal is 28/30 degrees. If it is lower it will take longer. We can put them in the oven and leave them inside. After about 4 hours, croissants should have increased their size three times. Now we will break the egg and paint them. This is done to give them the characteristic golden color they have when baked.

Baking & Consumption

Bake at 170/180 degrees for 16/17 minutes in a preheated oven. Put them on the bottom baking so that they do not burn from the top but remain raw underneath. If you have a ventilated oven, bake croissants with ventilation. This will bake evenly on all sides. And if you also have a barrel for air, leave it open. When ready, let them cool for 10/15 minutes. And you can immediately consume them empty with powdered sugar. Or wait a little longer and give them chocolate, marmalade. But you can also try something salty if desired .


And today we finished the first and most consumed product of the Italian breakfast at the bar. It will launch a series of products, and I will look to describe each one in as much detail as possible.

Anyone who liked the post or has questions can leave a comment.

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