About Georgi&Tresy

Who are we

Hello and welcome to our site tresygeo.com. Edit I’m George at 35, and I’m in the food industry. And Tracy is 36 years old and has hair and makeup services.

Little biography for Georgi:

Born in Sofia / Bulgaria with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. He emigrated to Italy, worked as a pastry chef and was engaged in the production of pastries and snacks.

Little biography for Tresy:

Born in Naples / Italy, she graduated from the Vocational School of Business Manager. And shortly thereafter, he took a three-year professional hair and makeup course.

What we can do to help you on our site:

Our idea is to combine these two professions. We share our experience with other professionals. And for those who are still in the beginning or who would like to become familiar with these two professions. To learn more, find information on techniques and products. We are happy to create this site and share experiences. We wish you a good stay and long cooperation.


See you soon:


George and Tresy



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